{Biodegradable Orange Bird Feeder}

How cute is this! we love feeding the birds at our house, they get all the toast, sandwich and soggy biscuit leftovers plus we have a bird feeder in the front garden which we fill with seeds most days, this is a little project I came across on rhythm of the home, we had lots of fun making it and now its hanging in a spot chosen by the wee peas and we are having even more fun watching it and our little feathery friends stopping by for nibbles.

...bird feeder
one large orange

Cut the top third of the orange off and scoop out the flesh from the big bit using a spoon.

Poke a skewer thru diagonally in two directions then using the skewer poke the string thru the holes so it crosses over in the middle (see second photo).

Fill with seed and hang in a tree.


  1. hello...love your blog, so pleased to discover it!

  2. Oh i love it! and i loved the slice! Oh and i agree with comment above and you need to check out my blog - i just gave you an award!


  3. What a nifty idea, I have just sent to my friend to make with her little ones during the holidays:)

  4. what a cute idea, it looks great. I must keep that in mind for our next feeder project.

  5. oooh we are so doing this!
    And man I wish I lived in your house,you make the yummiest food!


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