{Tuna & Pesto Spaghetti}

This is a perfect midweek dinner, so super fast, its a no cook pasta sauce I've been making for years and we've never gotten bored with it, maybe that's because of all the different pestos around meaning there are many variations, this particular one is the classic basil pesto version but I've made it with pumpkin pesto and added pieces of pumpkin roasted with thyme instead of the spinach and basil, another favourite is red capsicum pesto and chilli tuna that's good with lime and coriander, I always always always buy tuna in olive oil.

...the pasta
185g tin tuna in olive oil
150g basil pesto
big handful of toasted pinenuts
juice of half a lemon
handful torn basil leaves
2 handfuls of torn baby spinach

Make up the sauce by just combining the tuna and its olive oil with the pesto, toasted pinenuts, lemon juice, basil and spinach, season with s+p and stir to combine.

Cook the spaghetti (enough for a generous serving for 2) then just stir the sauce thru the hot spaghetti, pop the lid on for a minute then stir again and serve with parmesan and an extra squeeze of lemon juice.


  1. This makes me wish Abraham would eat tuna. Will have to try and find a good excuse to have dinner along one night. haha


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