{Zucchini, Coriander & Corn Fritters}

I'm back, we went camping at the beach for a week, nice one, we had friends stay and celebrated said friends birthday (with a low fat chocolate cake which will not be featuring on this blog, ick cakes made with vegetable oil are not my thing, not even when I tried to jazz it up with dutch cocoa). 

So things here have been madder than usual, its funny this blog thing because as much as I love it and love sharing (and not underestimating the kick I get out of throwing away the stray recipes on newspaper and magazine clippings all the while knowing the next time I want to make that dish I can just come here) it does add a new layer of guilt to the mother guilt, the environment guilt, the I drink too much vino guilt, which is the guilt of neglecting the blog. So today I am unshowered at 10am (not entirely unusual) the washings on the breakfast dishes are waiting to be done the kettles been boiled about five times to make a cup of tea I've still not got round to but I am going to bash out this one quick recipe.

These little fritters are superfast and good for brunch, lunch or dinner, we had them with some crispy bacon advocado and slow roasted baby toms, they are yummy and full of healthy goodies. Here they are in their absolute simplest form, you could add cumin, fresh chilli, spring onions or any number of things but they are delicious just like this too.

2 zucchini's, grated
1 corn cobb, kernels removed
big handful chopped coriander
1 egg, lightly beaten
2 tbsp plain flour

...to serve
roasted baby tomatoes on a vine
lemon to sqeeze

Combine all the ingredients then dollop tablespoonfuls into a frypan that's been heated up over a medium heat with a splash of olive oil, cook for 3-4 minutes each side till golden and cooked thru then sprinkle with sea salt and serve with your choice of sides.


  1. glad your back and had a great week away!! love this recipe! this will be great for the kids or a quick weeknight meal!!! Don't worry about that Mother guilt, we all have it, and it does us no good. xx

  2. YUM, had these tonight and the bacon flavour combinations all over the plate were excellent!


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