{Jelly Slice}

I probably don't even need to tell you that the kids loved this slice, but then again so did all the grown ups. I took some to my buddy round the corner and her beautiful face lit up, it brought back memories of her first attempts at baking, she used to make it all the time. 

It is a classic australian slice that's fallen a bit out of fashion, I've just discovered it and I loved it, I don't mind that its a little bit retro I think it would be awesome for a kids party, its fun, sweet and its pretty to boot.

...the slice
1 packet marie biscuits
170g melted butter
1 tin condensed milk
juice of 2 lemons
3 level tsp's gelatin dissolved in 1/4 cup boiled water
packet of strawberry jelly crystals

For the base crush the biscuits, add the melted butter, stir then press into your slice tin, pop into the fridge for half an hour to firm up.

For the middle layer, mix together the condensed milk, the lemon juice and the gelatin which you have dissolved in the boiling water till combined then pour over the biscuit base and put back into the fridge till its set.

Lastly make the jelly according to the packet directions, let it cool down then pour it onto the set lemony layer and refrigerate once again till firm.


  1. yay!!! it's exactly the same recipe as i remember!! yes, my little eyes did light up didn't they. i love how good food can bring back some fond memories. i've wrapped up the last peice and will have tonight at work!!! much love sweets xx

  2. Oh yum, and perfectly achievable. Love it! x

  3. That looks gorgeous, loves the layers of this pudding, looks very attractive.

  4. oh... my... goodness... my all time favorite slice!! never made it. have been meaning to get my sisters recipe for years. thankyou, thankyou.

    p.s. my word verification was 'teser'. this post certainly is a teaser - i want some of that slice right now!

  5. Those are SUCH beautiful photos, I love the precision of the layers. Next can you make some of those little jelly boats that used to be in the ancient editions of the Edmonds' Cookbook? Please?

  6. Hey Sash!

    Not only does the Jelly Slice LOOK yummy.... it also tasted YUMMY!

    Adam and me are going to make it when we go back to the UK :)

    Loves Sooz xxx

  7. Oh my goodness. This brings me back to primary school where we made this for class cooking. Every attempt at home saw it quite crumbly and never sticking together..we were probably too impatient to let it set! Will be bookmarking this one.

  8. Oh my gosh, I haven't seen this in years and years...and years. A kiwi favourite too ;) now I reeeally want to make some myself. It looks so pretty with its separate layers. And of course it has to be red jelly!

  9. I have this recipe!! I've been meaning to make it for my blog for a while now, like you - I just love it :)
    Someone brought this to my work for a morning tea and it was a huge hit!

  10. How absolutely lovely! Jelly makes everything good:)


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