{Smoked Fish Pie}

Sorry I didn't get round to mentioning it before we went but we've been in NZ for a few weeks, Taranaki to be exact. It was totally lovely, very relaxing in the way that NZ is, we marvelled at how green the grass is, how cheap the bananas are and how clean the air feels, like you are the first person to ever breath it in.

We went out for two amazing dinners, where we vaguely recalled how to talk to each other in complete sentences, without interruptions or having to dash after a small boy who has decided to make a run for it. We had a beautiful lunch at the Govett Brewster gallery where I had the best suped up ginger crunch ever, watch this space! and we ate delicious rolled and stuffed wild pork belly which was both caught and cooked by my brother in law, he is like a cross between Bear Grylls and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, totally cool.

So keeping with a kiwi theme and to kick things off again this recipe is from the Edmonds Cookbook Illustrated, a gift from my lovely mum in law who's 60th birthday celebrations were the reason for our trip, it is a tasty and comforting fish pie, I added in a bit of extra warmth with some cayenne pepper as its pretty wintery here, it left us feeling warm and fuzzy, a lot like our trip home.

...the pie
50g butter
1 tbsp milk
3 cups cooked mashed spud
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp flour
1 cup milk
400g smoked tuna, drained
2 tbsp chopped parsley
2 hard boiled eggs, chopped
half tsp of cayenne pepper
handful of grated vintage cheese

Mash the cooked spuds with using the 50g butter and the tbsp of milk, season generously with s+p and set aside. Melt the other tbsp of butter in a medium saucepan, add the flour cook it off stirring until it bubbles, then add in the cup of milk and keep stirring or whisking til it boils and thickens, take it off the heat and add in the parsley, eggs, tuna, cayenne pepper and more s+p.

Line your pie dish with half the mashed potatoes, pour over the fish mix then finish with the rest of the mash and a generous handful of grated vintage cheese. Cook at 200 for 30 minutes and serve with a squeeze of lemon and a green salad.


  1. I LOVE ginger crunch - my all-time favourite slice. Although I did have a very awful one in Noosa once - it was really hard and I stuck my little cake fork in it and shot off my plate and across the room onto the floor.
    I'm gunna try growing ginger at home for the first time this year. Don't know how it will go in this freezing weather though.

    This pie looks really similar to my Mum's Tuna Mornay - it had eggs in it too. I don't like fish but I loved that Tuna Mornay - I don't know what I thought tuna was!

    I just got a very beautiful gardening/cook book in the mail today: Seasons in my House and Garden by Holly Kerr Forsyth.

  2. Great blog Paula. My beloved recently bought me a replacement Edmonds Cookbook after the last one given to me when I first left home, many moons ago, fell to bits. The recipes have changed so shan't bin the old book yet. The best book when inspiration has left and hungry children threaten to go feral. Thank you

  3. wow welcome back sweet stuff!! So glad you had a ripper time over in the homeland. can't wait to hear all about it. I'm taking the kids up to the country for a few days but lets catch up next week some time! missing you and the boys. pie looks great too - can't believe it's just with some tuna - so easy!

  4. Welcome back to NZ! A wild pork belly catching/cooking, Bear/Hugh combo? He should have a blog too. I would love to see what that dude gets up to. Edmonds Illustrated you say? Is that with photos or actual illustrations? This is foreign to me. I LOVE my Edmond's cookbook for the basics. But I find that the portions are for tiny eaters. Pancakes recipe, makes 8 pancakes? How come we only got 2? Did your smoked fish pie feed as many as you hoped it would?

  5. yeah actual photos, and the food styling is all a bit hilarious .... and the fish pie fed two for dinner and one for a itsy bitsy lunch, think you might be onto something there ...

  6. Can't go past a bit of ginger crunch and fish pie! Enjoy your time in NZ :)

  7. Ooooh. The Govett-Brewster Gallery ginger crunch. I know the one!!!

    Funny thing about fish pie, I love eating it when other people make it but I have never actually made one myself. Shocking I know. Am going to pull out my Edmonds cookbook now that I've read this post ;)

  8. So jealous you are in NZ! I miss home like crazy. And even more jealous of your ginger crunch eating! I LOVE that stuff.

  9. Oooh i love your salt pots or salt pigs as we call them in the U.K.


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