I've lost my cooking mojo at the moment, I've had a bad run with recipes, in particular a broccoli salad that sounded spectacular, it wasn't, a simple fish curry which turned out to be so simple it was bland and I put 24 hours of effort into some thai kebabs that tasted bloody awful and came with an equally if not more horrible dipping sauce.

Feeling a bit bruised by the whole thing I've returned to cooking things that I always make, things that I know are good and things that I've mostly already told you about so I haven't had much to post. But then today I made some pikelets for lunch and I thought well I'll post these because lots of peeps like pikelets especially for lunch with jam and cream, you can't really go wrong with a pikelet, and you know what they say some of the best things in life are the simplest.

...the pikelets
1 cup sr flour (any cup or mug just use the same to measure milk)
1 cup milk
1 pinch salt
1 egg
butter for cooking

Sift the flour, sugar and salt into a bowl. Whisk the egg and milk together with a fork. Add the wet to the dry and mix till smooth. Heat your frypan over a medium heat and brush it with a teeny bit of butter, dollop in flat tablespoons of batter and cook them till bubbles appear, flip em and cook the other side til lightly golden, makes about 15.


  1. And you wouldn't believe how much this mumma needed that very pikelet recipe! Thank you an I hope you find your groove soon! x

  2. Pikelets for dinner is perfectly acceptable in my book too. Mmm. Hope you get that mojo back soon.

  3. I totally know that losing your cooking mojo feeling. It can be overwhelming! I have been harking back to basics a bit, and thinking about making pikelets recently...but haven't gotten around to it, pretty standard really! Nice work (espesh love the 100s and 1000s) and hope you're inspiration comes back soon :)

  4. You know as a person who loves to have a go in the kitchen but often has dinner disasters, it makes me feel a bit better that someone with such an excellent blog and obvious knowledge of cooking as you can sometimes judge recipes wrong too.

    Thanks for being real!

    PS only just discovered your blog. loving it :)

  5. Aggh, I know the feeling. It's the worst when you put in heaps of effort and it just tastes meh or worse still, really gross. Can't go wrong with pikelets though, they've got your back :)

  6. Perfect, especially with jam and cream. In my opinion, just so much better than pancakes

  7. Your pikelets look like just the thing to entice your Mojo to come home!!

  8. Ah, there's nothing to chase away cooking inspiration like a string of blah kitchen results. Seems like you know how to get it back again, though - simple and delicious is the way forward! And now you've reminded me I definitely need to revisit pikelets... thank you!

  9. I HATE it when you put heaps of effort in and you're sure you're making the most amazing dish in history, only for it to turn out average. But what better than pikelets for comfort! They look gorgeous. You've reminded me of a forgotten treat, thanks!

  10. oh i hate cooking failures. i had a batch of bread rolls that just turned out like hard rocks....and you with your 24 hours of effort for bland! so pikelets is a great alternative!!! Always successful! hope your hols have been good....lets to coffee/park soon b xx


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