Sometimes I just have to have sourcream.  Sometimes I make something just so I can have sourcream.  This is one of those dinners, you can put anything in a quesadilla but this is our favourite combo, its so full of goodies and so healthy accept for the before mentioned sourcream and the cheese but then,  hells bells a girls gotta eat dairy, especially an old girl like me who is hurtling towards forty like nobodies business, gotta keep those calcium levels up and well if that means more sourcream then so be it.

...the quesadillas
420g tin kidney beans, rinsed
200g jar taco sauce (we like it hot)
1 shallot, sliced
2 corn cobbs, shaved
1 avocado, diced
1 bunch coriander, chopped
juice of a lime
flour tortillas (this filling is enough for 10)
grated cheese
sourcream (plenty)

Mix everything thing together except for the tortillas the cheese and the sourcream (deeerrr).

We like a quesadilla stack but you can do singles too, lay a tortilla flat and spread with some bean mix then a bit of cheese then another tortilla and a bit more bean mix, bit more cheese and top tortilla.  Transfer it into a frypan and cook gently over medium heat till golden and then carefully flip it, cook the other side till golden, slide out of the pan, slice and serve with that sourcream I keep going on about.


  1. This looks delicious! We make something very very similar to this (grilled corn, avo, fresh peas, tomatoes, olives, lots of coriander and lots of tobasco... served as a hot chunky dip served with corn chips. SO GOOD).

    I LOVE your blog, and several of the recipes I've found here have become household favourites - especially your beef stroganoff and devilled sausages. Yummo! Thanks for helping my kitchen become more delicious than ever :)


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