{Cherry & Almond Cupcakes}

We were given a tub of cherries by our neighbour and they just scream merry christmas, don't you just love cherry season? these little ruby fruits are particularly sweet and delicious so I decided to whip up a christmassy cupcake as you do.

I want to say merry christmas to you, everyone who stops by, I really hope you have a super christmas, we have lots of family around for this one so its extra special, and I can't wait to pop on my frilliest apron and cook christmas dinner for the people that I love !! And so if you've got a few cherries lying around and a hankering for a cupcake you know what you need to do ♥

...the cupcakes
115g butter, softened
220g caster sugar
2 eggs, room temperature
150g self raising flour, sifted
125 plain flour, sifted
125ml milk, room temperature
1 teaspoon almond extract
6 cherries pitted and chopped 
cherries to decorate

...the frosting
250g butter, softened
4 cups icing sugar
1 tsp almond extract
6 cherries pitted and chopped

Preheat oven to 180. Line 12 cupcake tins with cases. Cream butter, sugar and almond extract till pale, add eggs one at a time mixing between each one, add in the flours and milk in alternate batches and mix till thats all combined then lastly add in the cherries, stir thru then spoon a generous tablespoonful of mixture into each case.  I do this using two tablespoons, one to pick up and one to drop off. Bake for around 18 minutes, cool on a rack then frost.

For the frosting just whack it all in your mixer and whizz it till its fluffy.


  1. Oh my Paula...these look scrumptious!
    You are so lucky to have whanau around you this year, it's the one thing I miss like crazy during the festive season.
    Have yourself a wonderful and joyous Xmas :)

  2. Yum! Beautiful photos too :-) Merry Christmas to you and your family xx


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